Claryn Chong

Section Head, Partnerships Special Projects
Claryn has more than 4 years of experience in the auditing and financial advisory industry. She’s been actively involved in community service programs especially in areas of children and education since 2011. She now partners with corporate companies developing CSR programs to drive sustainable and effective transformation in communities.

Carmen Yong

Partnerships Lead
Carmen is an e-Marketing graduate who previously worked as a bank relationship manager in the SME sector. Her passion in the area of finance led her to GG, working under the Partnerships - Special Projects team to bring Financial Education programs to schools and communities. She hopes that with her work, she can empower them to make better financial choices.

Yvonne Yeo

Partnerships Lead
As a psychology graduate, Yvonne has always wanted to work in an industry that would serve the needs of people. Prior to joining GG, she was working as a service coordinator in a local non-for-profit organisation for 2 years. Her skills in planning and organising for programs and events is what makes her a great addition to the Partnerships - Special Projects team. Yvonne believes that lives can be positively impacted with Love.

Jo Lin Ng

Partnerships Lead
Jo Lin is a Bachelor of Science graduate, majoring in Psychology from Monash University Melbourne. With a spark for growing & educating the next generation, that passion led her into serving the community. She supports the team that brings financial protection and financial education to low-income families and children. She loves all canis lupus familiaris (a.k.a dogs), and will go through her fur allergy to pet them all.

Desmond Tan

Partnerships Lead
Desmond has 7 years experience in the nonprofit sector working with youth, followed by 3 years as a Senior Sales Executive in the pharmaceutical line. Believing in the potential of young people, he seeks to empower them and hopes that this will make a positive difference in their lives. He is now working with the Partnerships - Special Projects team to bring Financial Education programs to schools.