Vicky Liew

Section Head, Family Services
Vick was an IT specialist for over 6 years. He now works to strengthen families and individuals in communities. He believes that an individual's development begins with the family as the core foundation of character, values and beliefs. By providing proper guidance and empowerment to families he hopes to impact lives positively.

Lai Kit Chan

Family Champion
A Banking & Finance major, Lai Kit spent 5 years as a Sales Analyst in the Banking and FMCG industry. She works with teens and families in underserved communities.

Kylie Yong

Family Champion
Kylie is a medical graduate who has worked with people from different backgrounds during her years in medical school. Before commencing with her housemanship, she decided to devote her time to learning and understanding more about families from low-income communities, something in line with her interest in community work.