Vicky Liew

Section Head, Family Services
Vick was an IT specialist for over 6 years. He now works to strengthen families and individuals in communities. He believes that an individual's development begins with the family as the core foundation of character, values and beliefs. By providing proper guidance and empowerment to families he hopes to impact lives positively.

Lai Kit Chan

Family Champion
A Banking & Finance major, Lai Kit spent 5 years as a Sales Analyst in the Banking and FMCG industry. She works with teens and families in underserved communities.

Shealin Lee

Family Champion
Graduated with a Masters in Counselling & a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Shealin has a heart for the under-served communities. She spent 10 years working with children and youth before moving on to work with women groups who were underprivileged, trafficked and in prostitution. After many years of working with children, she believes that parents hold a very important role as the primary caregiver & educator. She hopes to bring hope, provide support and empower families with skills to reach their full potential.

Kai Shen Chen

Family Champion
As Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) degree holder, Kai Shen's knowledge in psychology and his experience in qualitative research helps him to place importance on the person instead of the problem. By doing so, he is able to listen empathetically & better understand the struggles faced by the community members. It always interests him to see how psychology is put to use when working with the community.

Kevin Lim

Family Champion
Kevin comes from a Mechanical Engineering background where he has been involved in manufacturing & production for over 20 years. After having volunteered in social work involving the disabled, homeless and substance abusers; he joins GG in the Family Services department, where he hopes to make a difference in the lives of low-income communities through the free financial protection plan PRUkasih