Why Give?

1 in 6 Malaysian children don’t make it to Form 4 and 85% of these children come from poor families.
We are in a position to help by improving their access to quality education.

Education: The Key Out of Poverty


How Can You Give?

Read more about our Giving Policy and please note that all contributions received are non-refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who am I helping?
    You are helping children in low-performing schools, at risk children in institutions (children homes & government approved correctional schools), children and families in urban poor communities and children in rural communities.

    *Children includes youth (18 years & below)
    *Families includes young adults (19 – 25)
  2. Why should I help them?
    These are children & families that are trapped in poverty.

    They face many challenges that pull them out of school: they are hungry & malnourished, struggle with poor grades, lack guidance & attention, live in poor conditions and come from unstable homes.

    Understand more here.

    They need our help to break free from poverty. When you give, you’re making a difference for you & your family too. Because you’re investing in building a better society, community and nation that we as Malaysians & our future generations can thrive in.
  3. How am I helping them?
    You are helping them by:

    • • Providing for children’s basic needs so that they can do better in school
    • • Supporting their basic education so that they have opportunities to further their tertiary education & have better employment opportunities
    • • Bringing programs that equip children with positive values to make better life choices and skills that boost their employability
  4. How do I know that my giving is making a difference?
    We provide reports on the progress of your giving throughout the year. There are a few ways that you can keep up with our updates all available on our website:

    • • Follow our blog & social media
    • • Access our annual reports
    • • Subscribe to our latest email updates
  5. Where does my giving go?
    100%* of your giving goes into a pool fund that will be channelled to the beneficiary i.e. the provision of their basic needs, basic education and life skills.

    *Please note that all giving through the iPay88 payment gateway is subject to a processing fee of 2.9% and there is a transaction limit of RM3, 000.

    There are also other giving options available – cheque & online transfer.
  6. What exactly does providing for the beneficiary mean?
    We’re committed to using funds in the most effective way to help our beneficiary gain the very best access to quality education. This means investing in measures to ensure the maximum impact to those we serve.

    Here are some of the things that you invest in when you give:

    Materials & Activities

    Food, school uniforms & shoes, school books, supplies & educational material, upkeep of all community premises so that our beneficiaries continue to enjoy a conducive learning environment.

    Providing tertiary education or vocational training through an education fund, high-quality learning and exposure programs

    On-ground Services

    People make our programs run. Salaries, training & development, travel expenses ensure that we are able to deliver the very best service to the beneficiary and reach out to more under-served communities across Malaysia.


    This includes the running of our offices and administrative expenses so that we can manage our resources and stakeholders effectively.
  7. Can I choose specifically whom I give towards?
    Because we adhere to a Child Protection Policy (CPP) that protects the identity of the children we serve, we refrain from direct contact between giver & beneficiary, therefore you will not be able to choose specifically who you give towards. We share with the public updates via email & resources available on our website.
  8. Can I choose a specific program or cause to give towards?
    Yes you can! If there is a specific cause or program that you are passionate about, please state the name of the program when you fill out our online giving form, at the back of a cheque or in the notes of your online bank transfer.

    Please note that costs vary from program to program and if sufficient funds are raised for a specific program each year, the remainder will be channelled towards other programs. We promise to use every resource entrusted to us honestly & effectively, hence it will always be channelled to where it is needed.

    Here are some causes you can support:

    • • Feed children from low-income families daily breakfast through Super Sarapan
    • • Invest in a child’s tertiary education/vocational training through an Education Pool Fund
    • • Fund character building, mentorship, values-based programs for children in institutions, schools and low-income communities across the Klang Valley & East Malaysia

    For a full list of our programs, please visit our website or contact info@gengemilang.org if you require more information on giving opportunities.
  9. Is my giving tax exempted?
    Sorry, tax exemption does not apply to the funds given. We are working on receiving tax exemption status and will issue a public announcement to all stakeholders the moment it is achieved.
  10. When will I know that my giving has been processed?
    You will receive an immediate notification from iPay88 if your transaction is successful. After which, an official receipt & Thank You email (ensure that your details are keyed in correctly) from finance@gengemilang.org within 14 working days. You will receive your official receipt within 7 working days for online banking & cheque transactions.

    In addition, you’ll receive updates on the progress of your giving from info@gengemilang.org in the throughout the year.
  11. Can my friends & I pool funds to give?
    Absolutely! Every bit counts so use this opportunity to make a difference together. You may request for individual receipts by emailing finance@gengemilang.org with your online banking/ipay 88 successful transaction details.
  12. Can corporates give?
    Absolutely! You can get in touch with our partnerships team at info@gengemilang.org for more information on how you can give as a corporate or organisation. Visit our partner page on our website to see our partnership projects.
  13. I’d like to give outside of Malaysia. Are there additional transaction costs?
    Thank you so much for your support from overseas! It means the world to us.

    In addition to the 2.9% processing fee charged by our payment gateway, your giving is subject to foreign exchange conversion or transaction fees that is charged by your foreign bank or credit card provider.
  14. Is giving invested optimally?
    We recognize that every resource entrusted to us can transform our client’s lives. We promise to manage the funds received honestly and will use it effectively to benefit our clients. This includes carrying out:

    Annual audits in accordance with approved standards on auditing in Malaysia by an independent public accounting firm, Baker Tilly Monterio Heng (Audit Firm No: AF 0117).

    Consistent management reviews and monitoring of operating costs ensure that resources are optimized and within approved budgets.

    Project evaluations to assess the ongoing effectiveness of our programs in meeting our beneficiaries’ needs.
  15. What happens when funds raised goes beyond the program costs?
    Program costs vary and funds are always channelled to where it is needed. If funds raised surpasses a specific program then the remainder will be channelled towards funding other programs.