Projek Sinar 2.0 | Restart & Rebuild

As our country adjusts to new norms during RMCO (Recovery MCO), low-income families continue to face an uncertain economic impact ahead. With your help, we have provided over RM655,000 worth of food and urgent aid to more than 500 vulnerable families regularly since March through Projek Sinar. As the first phase of Projek Sinar draws to a close, we did a needs assessment survey with these...

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By Nick Foong | Director of Services
8 months 3 weeks ago

What Feeding A Family Means To Us

Today marks Day 51 of the Movement Control Order (MCO), and 48 days since Projek Sinar was launched in response. The number of families requesting aid continues to increase as more families run out of savings. Since the start of the project, a total of 447 families have been fed on a regular basis. But what does feeding 447 families mean? Why 447 and not 4,500… or even 45,000?...

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By Melissa Ngiam | Chief Executive Officer
10 months 5 days ago

Becoming a Quarantine Champion

Admit it. Day 49 of the Movement Control Order (MCO) has gotten you extremely restless. You have done what you can and you are starting to feel sick of being at home. You are hoping that this will be over. You wish this would be over. You miss sunlight, you miss your friends, and you are even starting to miss school and the homework teachers gave. As a young person, it might feel daunting to...

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By Dennis Tan | Youth Services
10 months 2 weeks ago

"Should We Help?" - How Needs Fuel Our Deeds

We find ourselves asking this question when we are approached for help outside of our current scope. What keeps us on the right track is actually asking ourselves how great the need is and how we can fulfill those needs with the given resources we have. A simple example of this is when the school counselor from SMK Tropicana approached our Youth Services staff 2 weeks ago to inform that some...

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By Shu Ling | Communications
10 months 2 weeks ago