Come With Me To An Approved School

What comes to mind when you see the word 'juvenile'? At the end of 2015, my team and I had the privilege to reach out to youth from different states through Approved Schools, residential institutions to which young people are sent by a court, usually for committing criminal offences but sometimes because they are deemed to be beyond parental control.  Sadly, it results in these youth...

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By Jee Wang | Service Learning & Volunteer Management
4 years 6 months ago

Beating Hunger

This packet of “mixed rice” as how we, Malaysians would call it may seem like an ordinary meal. And most of us would not give much thought to how it affects the way we function on a daily basis or even the impact it has on us. As part of my work, I frequent public schools across the Klang Valley where we run character building and mentorship programs.  I’m at a school canteen and I can...

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By Huay Phing | Head of Youth & Education Services
4 years 7 months ago