A Little Area Called Pujut Corner

Pujut, a district in the town of Miri, is home to many charming residences, one of the town’s popular shopping malls and an iconic landmark – Sarawak Energy’s (SESCO) power centre. Like most urban cities, tucked away in the shadows lie urban poor communities who go unnoticed by many. These urban poor communities are located along the banks of Sungai Baong (Baong River) and are mostly...

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By Shu Ling | Communications
3 years 2 months ago

Super Sarapan - A year in review

SUPER SARAPAN provides daily breakfast for students from under-served (low-income) families everyday for an entire school year.  You can read about how it all began here. We're passionate about our next generation doing well at school.  Because of that, we want to ensure that they have their basic needs met (at least one meal at school) to support their access to education...

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By Huay Phing | Head of Youth & Education Services
4 years 2 months ago

Nyamai Amai Pemakai Tu, Terima Kasih... It's Delicious, Thank You

As a Sarawakian who lives & works thousands of miles away from where I was born, missing home is something that I will experience almost every day of my life. I remember when I started working with Yayasan Generasi Gemilang (GG), I could only dream of working with the under-served youth & families in my own homeland because our organisation was based out of Klang Valley and our work...

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By Fabian William Story | Youth Development
4 years 3 months ago

Beating Hunger

This packet of “mixed rice” as how we, Malaysians would call it may seem like an ordinary meal. And most of us would not give much thought to how it affects the way we function on a daily basis or even the impact it has on us. As part of my work, I frequent public schools across the Klang Valley where we run character building and mentorship programs.  I’m at a school canteen and I can...

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By Huay Phing | Head of Youth & Education Services
4 years 10 months ago