Outside My Comfort Zone

Yayasan Generasi Gemilang (GG) was an organization I've heard of but never thought I would ever intern at prior to this, mainly because I did not see myself doing social work at the time. However, my university required the students to search for an internship and GG happened to be on the list of companies the university had already established contacts with, so I decided to apply....

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By Clarice Ng | Communications Intern
7 months 3 days ago

United: Malaysia, My Home, Our Home

I love Malaysia and it feels special to be a Malaysian. Born and brought up here, I was sent to a Chinese primary school where I was exposed to three different languages; Mandarin, English, and Bahasa Malaysia. I remember having classmates from different races, all studying in this Chinese school and we learned about Malaysia together, played together and even sang patriotic songs together when...

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By Clarice Ng | Communications Intern
7 months 1 week ago

7 Lessons I Learned Working at GG

A tribute post to the staff and volunteers of the past, the present and the future.   At GG, we recommend spending time to reflect on our experiences in order for us to connect what we know to why we do what we do.  As I reflect on my last 7 years of working in GG, I came up with 7 lessons--a lesson for every year of my work here.   #1 PERCEPTION It is...

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By Clara Wan | Partnerships - Special Projects
11 months 4 weeks ago

What Do Elevators And Poverty Have In Common?

Have you ever been trapped in an elevator before?  My first ever experience of being trapped was on the way up an elevator at a public low-cost housing area (Program Perumahan Rakyat - PPR) together with 9 student volunteers.  Before panic broke out, I took a deep breath and gave myself a quick pep talk:  "Alright, look, listen, and think, Kai Shen.  You can do it...

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By Kai Shen | Family Service
1 year 1 month ago