Why Education?

Here are some of the issues that under-served children and families face.
We believe that increasing access to quality education can help them.
Trapped in a poverty cycle
1 in 6 Malaysian children don’t make it to Form 4.
85% of these children come from poor families.
They drop out of school, end up in low-paying jobs and get trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Having adequate nutrition is now unaffordable for low-income families particularly in urban areas*.
66% of low-income families experience insecurity about putting food on the table.
Children from such families are going to school hungry and unable concentrate in class.
Family Instability
Low-income families lack financial resilience, more than half don’t have any savings and only 10% are able to withstand financial shocks*
Only 1 out of 5 families are able to survive less than 3 months if their incomes are cut off*

*According to the State of Households Report II 2016 by Khazanah Research Institute

Prevailing Social Issues
Under-served children are faced with increasing exposure to social issues such as crime, teenage/unwanted pregnancies, drug abuse, suicide, self-harm and bullying

What is Quality Education?

To us, increasing access to quality education is a process of:

Providing for children's basic needs so that they have the best chances of progressing in school
Helping them improve their basic literacy so that they can improve academically
As they improve academically, we also equip them with positive character values & life skills to thrive

Who do we help?

Children (7-12)
To tackle education at a younger age so that they have best possible chance of progressing academically

Teens (13 – 18)
Helping teens thrive from our area of expertise in values-based life skills & quality education

Young Adults (19 – 25)
Helping them join the workforce through scholarships for tertiary education & vocational opportunities

Helping families build stability and resilience is a key component in enabling children to stay in school and be schooled

What is Our Impact?

Through our work we aim to:

1) See more children across Malaysia be schooled or stay in school
2) Help them improve academic performance and be better equipped with 21st century skills.
3) Increase their motivation and purpose in life to be able to contribute positively to society
4) Help families build stability & resilience to support their children's access to education.