Our Mission

We want to improve the lives of under-served children and families by increasing access to quality education.
We believe that education is key in helping under-served children and families break out of the poverty cycle.
By helping them break out of the poverty cycle, they have hope for a better future.

Our Approach

Why Education?

We believe quality education can help under-served children and families break the poverty cycle.

What is Quality Education?

To us, quality education comprises of a child's basic needs, basic education & life skills.

What is Our Impact?

We hope to raise an exemplary next generation and empower families.

Our Values:


Grow in patience, kindness, humility, acceptance, authenticity and faithfulness towards ourselves & those we serve.


Conduct operations with full transparency and accountability for the best interests of those we serve.

Value Lives

Value the well-being of every person we serve regardless of background.


Be exemplary in everything we do and deliver the best to those we serve.


Put clients first & serving them wholeheartedly.

Last year (2019) GG impacted:

30,455 Children & Youth
40,000 Families
102 Schools
36 Organisations
31 Communities
2 Colleges & Universities
2 Institutions