What will i get to experience?

  • You’ll get the chance to impact the lives of children, youth, students, and families in children homes, schools, universities, colleges and underserved communities throughout the Klang Valley.

  • You’ll be working alongside a group of fun and supportive group of colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

  • You’ll also get to meet and serve alongside a fantastic bunch of dedicated volunteers.

  • You’ll meet and communicate with people from different industries, companies, and organisations.

What can i expect?

Be prepared to be challenged, stretched and inspired to be the very best that you can be – professionally and personally. We are committed to our clients and partners – that means the spirit of excellence and a strong work ethic is part of our culture.

You will be assigned a mentor who will guide you through your 3-month internship. By the end of your time with us, you would’ve been given the opportunity to cultivate value-added skills and values that make you an asset to future employers regardless of industry.

Education beyond the classroom

Prepare to be exposed to new environments and experiences that will shape your worldview about the community and nation - and the important role you play in positively influencing it. You have the chance to apply your academic knowledge to address real social needs of the community.

Rise up to the challenge

We believe that leadership is not about position or title but about influence; therefore no role is insignificant. You will be given the opportunity to lead projects, deliver presentations, facilitate at our training sessions in schools, communities and children homes.

Invest in your employability

Enhance your competitiveness in the marketplace by developing skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, presentation & public speaking, project & event management, people & time management – which will help you in your future career.

Skills & qualifications

  • High school graduate diploma

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint

  • Proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese is a plus

How to apply?

  • Send the following documents to jobs@gengemilang.org with the subject heading titled ‘Internship Application’

  • Cover letter, Resume, Passport-sized photo

  • Suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview and subsequently notified if they’ve been chosen for the internship program.

What have our interns said about us?

Emily is currently a Business & Psychology student at Monash University

"I most enjoyed getting to work with people and experience being out in the community where lives are being impacted. Right after high school, I wasn’t decided on what I wanted to do with my future. My internship played a part in helping me find my passion, which is people and working with them to help them find a solution for themselves. Because of that I chose to pursue psychology & economics in hopes to one day get involved in policy decisions and continue working with people. My internship has widened my perspective on life and of our country. More than work experience, I've learned so many life values, which will help me in the working world in the future".

Wy Lyn is currently with the Education Services Team

"I had the opportunity to be involved in different programs. The internship has opened my eyes to people’s needs in communities around me. It inspired my decision pursue a career in social welfare – I am now a full time staff at GG. Interning at GG is a unique experience that no other place can offer - the opportunity to serve others and engage with the local communities is invaluable."

Serena is an intern with the Leadership & Mentoring team

"I've gotten to meet people of a variety of backgrounds, upbringings and to be able to impart life, truth, values, and knowledge is extremely satisfying for me. Also, I find that my contributions are useful and appreciated. Time spent interning has definitely been productive and not monotonous. I have also enjoyed being able to help out in various departments. It has really been a complete experience for me. Some skills I have picked up include ‘parachute packing’ and ‘team teaching’– that is to always support each other. I’ve gained confidence to speak up and share whether in staff meetings or facilitating students and more. The positive environment and culture in GG will also help shape us individuals in things such as discovering our purpose, figuring out how to serve and put others before ourselves, and how to be a significant contributor to society."

Leonard is currently the founder of Shenenigans Co. , a graphic design firm.

"Interning at Generasi Gemilang was my first experience with an office job. The opportunity to help out with all the school activities and community projects opened my eyes to a world beyond my own. Especially seeing the lives of those less fortunate, and how it puts into perspectives the blessings that I’ve received. I’d recommend GG as a place for internship because apart from the work experience and professional skills, the uniqueness of the programs and cause builds character and shapes mind-sets"

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are interns required to work on weekends?
    Yes, where there are events.
  2. Are interns paid?
    Yes, interns are paid a monthly allowance.
  3. Are interns given leave?
    Interns are given medical leave (with medical certificate). Interns who work extended hours can earn replacement hours that can be accumulated into blocks of half-day or full-day leave.
  4. What will interns get at the end of the program?
    Interns who successfully complete the program may receive a letter of recommendation alongside their closing reports of what they experienced in their time in GG.
  5. What are the benefits of an internship at Generasi Gemilang?
    An internship at GG is an opportunity to hone value-added skills that will make you an asset to future employers regardless of industry, to be exposed to on-ground work with the community, and develop values that will be beneficial to both professional and personal growth.
  6. Other Requirements
    Must be able to travel as required, own transportation is a plus.