"What are you going to be?"

Written by Iswaran, former PBP student.   My name is Iswaran and I’d like to share the journey of my life.  Back in 2015 I found out about ‘free tuition’ known as ‘Pusat Bimbingan Pelajar’ (or academic guidance & mentorship in English) going on in my neighbourhood organised by a group known as Generasi Gemilang (GG).  I found out that GG helps to educate people and...

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By Cheri Lim | Head of Communications
2 years 11 months ago

Putting the WOW in Tawau

Youth Services recently took a trip to Tawau, Sabah to bring our Financial Education, Computer Literacy and Cyber Wellness programs to 681 students in 2 schools.   Spirits were high as we made our way to the airport. One flight away from our next adventure of connecting with students and some pisang goreng shops on the way.  Richard (tallest at the back) and the...

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By Richard Stephenson | Youth Services
3 years 4 days ago

Why I Left Advertising for Education

Education Services Team consisting of (L - R) Caryn, Jolene, Charissa & Wy Lyn. The 1st of August 2017 marked the beginning of my 4th year in GG as a full time Education Services staff. Looking back, my whole journey in the education field started purely by coincidence.    My journey with Generasi Gemilang (GG) began while I was taking an indefinite break from work. The long...

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By Wy Lyn | Education Services
3 years 1 month ago

How To Manage Your Gen Z Children

So imagine this. You're a 40 year old parent to 2 teens. It's dinner time, so you shout to your kids who are still in their room to come out for dinner. Your children emerge from their rooms and reluctantly put away their smartphones as they slowly make their way to the dinner table. Conversation at the dinner table is limited and before you know it, your children are done with their dinner...

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By Richard Stephenson | Youth Services
3 years 2 months ago