Hunger: It’s not just about food.

What do you do when you are hungry? We go to the pantry and grab some snack to eat right? But what if the hunger is not just for food, but also for education, for love and relationships or even hunger for a spiritual direction? Through our work in under-served communities, we've encounted different types of hunger, especially in innocent and vulnerable children. Last week, we had our...

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By Daniel Lee | Community Development
3 years 11 months ago


 Note:  *Aishah is a pseudonym name to protect the identity of the girl under GG's Child Protection Policy. Her age has also be changed.   It’s a beautiful Saturday morning at the beach.  The sun is shining brightly and cute toddlers are squealing in excitement, enjoying their very first time playing by the beach, building sand castles, jumping into the waves much to...

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By Joy Gracia Liso | Children Services
4 years 4 months ago